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Gold leaf gilding & Signwriting

We are a London based signage company specialising in gold leaf gilding and sign painting. Our services include a variety of gold leaf options to transform your storefront or project into a unique, breathtaking sight which will last for generations if maintained correctly.


Take a glance at our past projects above to see the endless possibilities of gilding provided for our clients. Our primary focus is gilding but we are also experienced in all forms of traditional crafts. Our expertise range from window signs to wall murals including commissioned art pieces. We are happy to design for you and create branding specifically for your project. Alternatively, we are happy to use your logo, or any existing design to create your custom piece. This can be stylised to your needs depending on what your vision is.


One thing is sure: the final result will be a piece of art that stands out among the clutter of plain signs surrounding. Should you have any questions or inquiries and to discuss your project further please get in touch with us via our contact page or below.

Our latest projects

ISABEL - Mayfair, London

Reverse Glass gilded window signs

24ct & 22ct gold leaf


Display at Mayfair’s Lazinc Gallery
£5 million worth of SexPistols memorabilia

George PRAGNELL Stores

Gold leaf signs for stores in London, Leicester and Stratford-upon-Avon