Ash From Chaos

We recently been given the opportunity to work along side Joe Corré on his new project Ash from Chaos. The son of Vivienne Westwood and the late Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren made it into the headlines by burning an estimated £5m of punk memorabilia. The coffin contains a replica of McLaren’s death mask and on the sides, in gold leaf lettering, are bastardisations of punk slogans; “Apathy in the UK” for example and “Know Future”. There is a film playing on the back wall at the head of the coffin. Footage of the fire, backed by a mawkish string rendition of Anarchy in the UK, fades into images of a rubbish tip, then a sea of waste. The work was for sale at a reserve price of £6m. The exhibition was on display at the Lazinc Gallery, Mayfair
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