Our services include a variety of gold leaf options to transform your storefront or project into a unique, breathtaking sight 

which will last for generations if maintained correctly. Gold leaf signage is considered the pinnacle of the traditional signpainter’s work. Gilding gives that unique & luxurious look to your home or business.

Please contact us if you have a gold leaf project to consider.


ISABEL - Mayfair, London

Reverse Glass gilded window signs

24ct & 22ct gold leaf


£5 million worth of SexPistols memorabilia X Glass gilding a coffin and more @ Mayfair’s Lazinc Gallery

George PRAGNELL Stores

Gold leaf signs for stores in London, Leicester and Stratford-upon-Avon

glass sign gilding.jpg

Onward Display - Interior Design

4 large custom made glass artwork on old sash windows.

Working abroad - Budapest Signs

Sometimes we work abroad. Here you can see some pictures & videos

Renovating Clarence Gate Gardens 

Ten doors reverse glass gilded right next to Regents park, London

isabel gold leaf window.jpg
knowfuture glass gilding.jpg

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